Top 10 interior designers in Faisalabad

Interior designing is a profession that involves the planning, design, and execution of interior spaces to create functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. Interior designers work with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and lifestyle, and then use their expertise to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of a space. Interior designers possess a combination of skills, qualities, and services to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that meet their clients’ needs and preferences.

Lets find the list of Top 10 interior designers in Faisalabad.

  • Signature by Ahtisham
  • Design spot
  • A A Interiors
  • A H interiors
  • Miyas
  • Appears interior
  • Tajdeed
  • Nawaz
  • Neelam ahsan
  • Décor Inn

Signature by Ahtisham

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Signature by Ahtisham is an interior designer provide services in Faisalabad. It has 10 years of expertise in the same field. He is fully understand the layout and organization of interior spaces to optimize functionality. Consider the arrangement of furniture, fixtures, and other elements to make the best use of available space.


  • Architecture
  • Interior Designing
  • Turnkey Project Management

Phone: 0316 8840305

Address: Faisalabad, Pakistan

Design Spot

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Design Spot is one of the best which design your House from the Best Architectural and interior designing Firm of Pakistan. They provide the Best Services for your Residential or commercial Construction Project.


  • Creative Architectural Designing
  • Latest & Trending Interiors
  • Efficient Project Management

Phone: Mob-03247707493

Address: Faisalabad Pakistan

A A Interiors Faisalabad

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A A Interior designing services are provided by profession­al interior designers who help clients to make their homes look more attractive. A A interior designers will help you to choose the best possible furniture, accessorie­s, and colors for your home. They also provide advice on how to make the most of your space with smart design idea.


  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Interior Designers
  • Home Design

Phone: +92-313-6992130

Address: Office #56A 56B, Mezzanine floor, Mediacom Shopping Center, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad

A H interiors

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A H interiors are famous interior designing group mostly serves in Faisalabad. They offer interior Design services by their Professional Team. They offer Services for both Residential & Commercial scale. They also offer high quality modern style furniture. They are best in Choosing appropriate color schemes to create a desired atmosphere according to client’s demand. Their selection of materials for flooring, walls, ceilings, and furnishings based on durability and the client’s preferences.


  • Architecture
  • Structural drawings
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • BOQ
  • MEP
  • submission
  • Renovation
  • Construction

Phone: 0300 3333306

Address: Fortune Heights Near Raza Garden East Canal Road Faisalabad, Shah Faisalabad, Pakistan, 38000


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Myas interiors Faisalabad offers all types of interior designing services in Faisalabad. They Wall decor and vinyl ceiling which greatly enhance the look and feel of a room. They choose color palette that complements according to furniture and flooring. Their services of wall decoration includes Hang art pieces at eye level, Mix and match frames and styles, use wall shelves to display collections.


  • 3D Wallpapers
  • PVC Wall Panel
  • Fomic Panel
  • PVC False Ceiling
  • Wooden Floor
  • Vinyl Tile 

Phone: 0304 6416172

Address:1446-B, Sabri Chowk, Chuhar Majra Mor, Near Soneri Bank, G.M Abad, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Appears Interior Studio

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Appears interior designer is offers services which make it very unique like a dream place. The contemporary and sleek designs made by appears showcases a perfect blend of form and function, with a focus on maximizing natural light and creating a welcoming environment. Their team worked tirelessly to ensure every detail crafted, from the materials used to the overall layout. Their outstanding projects look forward to seeing the positive impact on the Faisalabad community”


  • Residential Construction
  • Construction Project Management
  • Custom Home Design
  • interior decoration

Phone: 0322 7173333

Address: Sitara institute, Kohinoor Rd, near mediacom plaza, Kohinoor City Madina Town (Extension), Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Tajdeed Studio

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Tajdeed design is one of the top famous architect and interior designing company in Faislabad. Their projects include Multi storey commercial building, colony gates and house interior.


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape design
  • Urban design
  • Construction services

Phone: 03147564466

Address: P-176، 01 Small, D Ground People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, 38000

Nawaz Interiors

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One of the top name in Faisalabad in interior designing. Nawaz interiors will Transform your space with one-stop shop for all interior products and services in Faisalabad. They offer stunning wall designs to elegant window treatments according to both residential and commercial decor.


  •  Wall Design
  • Ceiling Work
  • Blinders
  • Flooring Work
  • Glass Work

Phone: 0300 4457782

Address: End Corner of Faizan E Madina Green Belt Rd, Susan Road, Madina Town, Faisalabad

Neelam Ahsan

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Neelam is one of the top interior designer in Faisalabad has hundreds of happy clients. Their latest projects the space like a magical world of Neelam Ahsan Interiors’ design, where every corner whispers tales of joy and imagination. Their projects embrace the allure of luxury with their mesmerizing room design, where every detail reflects a touch of extravagance.


  • corporate offices
  • residential homes

Phone:(+92) 323 8666611

Address:P72 Bibi Jan Rd, Opposite Eden Valley, Zia Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab

Decor Inn

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Decor Inn is an emerging brand as professional & creative home decorators n faisalabad They offer top quality luxury curtains & furniture.


  • Curtain
  • Furniture

Phone: 03217677859

Address: C4F9+MWF, Susan Road, Kharasanawala Madina Town, Faisalabad, Punjab 38860

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